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that's TMP to you.
United States
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I don't use this account anymore.

Or deviantART, really, for that matter.

But from time to time, I like to take a peek in and admire the legacy of my single Daily Deviation that still gets endless comments and faves every week. I'm proud to say that if you search "Ninja" on dA it's still on the second page. If you google the name it has been posted on numerous forums. It still gets print requests (Sorry, it's not gonna happen) and people send me messages to adapt it into this or that. There's even a stage adaptation in the works now that may or may happen. (By the way, if you want to use it or adapt it somehow, you don't need my permission as long as you A) credit me and B) not make money off of it. Seriously, if you somehow make a profit off of this, karma will find you, and then tell me, and then I'll find you. And then I'll kill you.)

It's kind of amazing how much love this one little comic has received. Man, I was a genius back in 2006!

But I guess I had to do the Bill Watterson thing and step away from my masterpiece or whatever to walk away and let it bask in its glory. But I guess it'd be a dick thing not to come back four years later and say something. So here I am, now a sophomore in college, wrapping up the loose ends of an old web account that really doesn't deserve any of my attention but for the fact that ALL OF YOU are still here asking me stuff about ninjas. Sorry if I haven't responded to your messages or whatever. I deleted everything that had accumulated over the years.

Even though I've been away from dA, I'm still a web cartoonist. I just finished my first real webcomic, which ran between 2009 and 2010, called Chanpuru Saga, and in January I'm starting Gods of Rock, a comic strip about Jesus Christ returning to Earth to start a rock band. I also spend a lot of time as a moderator on, a play-by-post forum RP set in the Legend of Zelda. I'm also working on a small Pokémon roleplay. All in all, things are going well.

I really like dA and maybe I'll use it again someday to promote Gods of Rock or some other project of mine. I obviously can't use this one, it's way too old! I mean, look at the username, it even has the year I was looking forward to graduating from high school in! I probably don't want to use this name again. If I ever do return in full force, I'll let you know. But for now I'll be happy to just let this one sit and collect dust. And by dust I mean your awesome comments, which I may still flip through from time to time.

I wonder how long it will take for this one silly little comic by a high school kid to fade from memory? Or will it remain here forever, immortalized by this unending network of information known as the internet?

Thanks guys. Let's stay in touch.
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if you give me fav of all weapons give you 3 points
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your comics are great but whey havent you done any more since 2007?
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you should make a ninga vampire colaboration! that would be epicly cool!
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Your comics are really hilarious, especially the ninja ones :D
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